Fans of Aarohi Products

The apricot oil you produce is refreshingly effective! Its real oil! Even the
packaging and anti-drip system is very user friendly. Quite a relief to have nourishing body oil finally. Thanks so much.

Minoti Bahri, Gurgaon , Haryana

Your soaps are wonderful – smell delightful and leave the skin soft and smooth. I wish your products are available soon in many more outlets.

Radhika Chandiramani, Dastkarís Nature Bazaar , Delhi

Have been using the oil and scrubs for the past two years and simply love them. Wait for them to come every year...

Deepika Shah, Kalaghoda Festival , Mumbai

Aarohi has some of the finest herbs, powders and oils! The very best absolutely, something you can trust blindly!

Sukanya, at Kalaghoda Festival , Mumbai

You are doing a great job! I’m going to use your products for the first time but many of my friends speak very highly about your herbs – their freshness and fragrance !
Keep up the good work!

Shubha Swami, Dastkarís Nature Bazaar , Delhi

Many thanks for getting me sold on the Pudina ! Smells absolutely wonderful.

Punam Zutshi, Kalaghoda Festival , Mumbai

Chamomile Tea has been very relaxing and aromatic; has an excellent flavor. Great way to start off the day.

Kruti Desai, Kalaghoda Festival , Mumbai
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