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Aarohi Schweiz is a group of young doctors, architects and nurses who help bring financial support and volunteers to Aarohi. The organization was registered in 2005 as a formal Trust and today the board consists of nine members. The spirit behind this friendship has consistently supported our health and education efforts in the Kumaon Himalayas and over the years has brought many volunteers to give their dedicated and valuable time to rural Kumaon.

A fundraising event is held in Zurich every year to support the initiative of Aarohi, while also serving as a platform for presenting the year’s work to those who have contributed.

Aarohi Schweiz board members and details :

Sarah Marti, Corina Wild, Robert Graf, Philip Loskant, Rahel Marti, Bernadette Sigg, Jan Egli, Panco Georgiev and Robert Maringer.

Anerkennung als gemeinnütziger Verein (Approval as a non-profit association) :

Steueramt Kanton Zürich
Registration No : 05/10 330
date of Registration : 15th July 2005
place of Registration : Kanton Zürich
(approved as a non-profit association in most other Kantons,too)

Bank details for transfer within Switzerland and western countries :

AAROHI-Schweiz, Freiestrasse 135, 8032 Zürich

Account : 744064-71
Bank : Credit Suisse Zürich
Bank Clearing Nr : 4835
IBAN : CH42 0483 5074 4064 7100 0

For more information contact Philip Loskant

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