To improve maternal and child health, we work at increasing local know-how about safe delivery, disease prevention and management of common illnesses. Involved in 30 villages mainly in the remote Okhalkanda Block, Nainital District, we stress upon community health. This we promote through capacity building. We tackle related health issues—community garbage pits, distribution of better vegetable seeds, improved cooking stoves, installing rainwater tanks, testing water sources—plus strengthening the government-run National Rural Health Mission (NHRM).

  • Midwives—help at home! In many villages, babies are delivered at home, sometimes by untrained midwives. We have trained health workers and midwives providing antenatal care and monitoring the mothers at their village homes. Aarohi trained midwives also upgrade the traditional village midwives’ knowledge of safe delivery and other healthy postnatal practices. This has had a positive effect on mother and child health in the area.
  • Village Health and Sanitation Committees—help at hand! Health and Sanitation Committees (VHSC) were have been formed and can comprise both the village health workers (ASHAs) and Swasthya Karmis (appointed by Aarohi). Aarohi trains them in maternal and child care, basic first aid and treatment of common diseases.
  • Children Power—catch them young! The aim is to make school children aware of common health problems. This is done through the Community Healthcare Programme, information and relevant training on issues related to sanitation, first aid, waste management etc. One such instance was when children in Khansyu, along with their elders, rallied the villagers to organize waste management.
  • Some Results (Baseline Survey of June 2010)
    • Complete primary immunization (at 12-23 months) rate is 99% against a baseline figure of 64%.
    • Full Antenatal Care received by 60% of pregnant women as against a baseline figure of 31%.
    • Deliveries at home have fallen from 91% to 69%, raising the number of deliveries in institutions, from 9 – 31 %.
    • Aarohi trained midwives were responsible for 58% of these home births.
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