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There is a close connection between sustainable livelihoods and conservation of the environment. This connection is even more fragile in the Himalayas, where the balance can be easily disturbed by irresponsible human interventions. It is this recognition that has formed the basis of Aarohi’s Livelihood Promotion Programme (LPP). Since its very inception, Aarohi envisioned enabling the poor to secure sustainable livelihoods as pivotal to its development initiatives.

When poor people have secure rights and adequate stocks of assets to deal with contingencies, they tend to take a long view, holding on to their land, protecting and saving trees and seeking to provide for their children. Their time perspective is then longer than that of commercial interests concerned with early profits from capital.

We believe that a sustainable livelihood security is a precondition for a stable community in the long term. Only when livelihoods are secure does it become rational for poor people to limit family size. Securing sustainable livelihoods in resource-poor and forest areas is also the surest protection for the environment.

Today, at its headquarters in Satoli, there is a small-scale unit producing apricot & peach body care products, culinary herbs, herb teas, and fragrant potpourris. The raw material is procured from farmers and processed and packaged at a centralized processing unit. These products are marketed under the Aarohi brand and are available in 67 outlets in major cities across the country.

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