Empowering young people is central to Aarohi’s development initiatives. Though a relatively new arm, Aarohi Youth Wing is an initiative we are deeply committed to. The work in our school and other wider educational initiatives involving the youth, has only emphasized the importance of vocational training opportunities for young people, in addition to mainstream schooling.

At present such options remain limited and often schooling is not the only answer to the many dilemmas faced by the youth. Dreams and aims have changed, but there is little opportunity. This often results in demoralized and depressed young people, veering towards alcohol and drugs or resorting to theft and violence. The incidence of teenage pregnancies, abortions and suicides is a matter of alarm. Aarohi recognises the need for working with young people in a more focused way.

Going forward we aim to focus on initiatives promoting sports and consolidating related infrastructural facilities, like more playgrounds, setting up a gym, encouraging and raising awareness of adventure sports in the area like high altitude treks, rock climbing and mountain biking. We also aim to promote rural walking tours. The central idea is to eventually allow these recreational activities to be a source of inspiration for enterprise promotion. In addition, we are also promoting the concept of village home-stays and eco-tourism.

Promotion of traditional Kumoani culture is also something we see as pivotal to all- round development of our youth. To that tune we aim to encourage different Indian classical art forms as part of our wider education initiatives.

Finally, computer literacy, fluency in English and career counselling continue to remain essential requirements and a part of all our youth related initiatives. If you wish to help in any way, contact us.

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