Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Shade-Dried | Organically Grown | Cultivated in the Himalayas

Dried peppermint leaves (Mentha piperita L), are prized for their versatility in both health and culinary applications. Discover how incorporating dried peppermint leaves into your daily routine can enhance your well-being and culinary creations. Dried peppermint leaves are a versatile herb with a multitude of health benefits and culinary uses. Whether enjoyed as a digestive tea, a flavorful ingredient in cooking, or as a component in hair and skincare products, peppermint continues to be valued for its refreshing taste and therapeutic properties. Incorporate dried peppermint leaves into your daily regimen to experience their invigorating effects on both body and mind.

WT. 50 gms

MRP 180.00


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